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Rental Contract

Reservation fee

Reservation fee of Php. 1,000 (one thousand pesos) to be deposited to our Bank account deductible, or to any money transfer. whereas: this is to reserve the car to you prior to your arrival.



Term and Purpose of the Contract
Purpose of use:  The vehicle may be used only within Region 8 (Leyte-Samar area). For using of Lessor’s vehicle, Lessee shall be responsible for the use of the vehicle as stated on its contract with the Lessor. Further, Lessee shall not use the vehicle for illegal purpose and/or for other purposes that are not stated on the contract.




Requirements of a Lessee
Two (2) valid government issued IDs such as driver’s license, passport, SSS, GSIS, BIR, etc. which must be deposited to the office while the vehicle is still in use.  The IDs will be returned to the owner together with the security deposit upon return of the car/vehicle.



Prices and Deposit
  1. The rental fee of the car is determined on the basis of the price posted on this website or as per agreement with the Lessor.  A late fee of P300.00 pesos per hour shall be charged to the Lessee if the vehicle is not returned on time. The rental fee shall be paid in advance at moment of receiving the car.
  2. A Security deposit of P5,000.00 (Five Thousand Pesos) shall be paid by the Lessee as a guarantee or surety bond for the car and cannot be used as a payment in case of an extended contract. After returning the car, the security deposit will be returned to the Lessee.
Delivering and Handing over the Car
VEHICLE is delivered to THE LESSEE in excellent technical condition and in good appearance, with the obligatory equipment, required by Traffic police. THE LESSEE has the obligation to return the car in the same condition with all the documents and equipment given according to the terms and place stipulated.



Any delay in return of the rented vehicle without any prior notice by the LESSEE to the LESSOR shall compel the latter to automatically report the vehicle as missing or car nap to the POLICE Anti- Car napping group or other appropriate authorities.

Responsibilities of the Lessee
A. CAR WASH and FUEL: At turnover, the Lessee is provided with a clean or washed car with full tank fuel. It should, therefore,  be the Lessee’s obligation to return the vehicle with full tank the fuel and washed clean. A charge of P300.00 for car washing and cost of the fuel shall be charge to the Lessee as deduction in the security deposit.



B. The Lessee shall use the car according to its function and shall take care of it as a good proprietor;

C. In case of car accident, damage or disrepair, the Lessee shall take all measures necessary to save, reduce and/or contract the damages of the rented vehicle.

D. In case of car accident or damage of the vehicle, not including small incidents – the Lessee shall observe the rules of Law of the motion in the roads and the regulations for its application concerning preparing a written statement and other documents. Within 24 hours from the time of damage or accident, but not later than the expiring term of the contract, the Lessee shall inform the Lessor about the event, providing all the facts, circumstances and data (names of eye-witnesses, etc.). In connection with the accident, the Lessee shall collaborate completely with the LESSOR and the insurance company to provide an accurate picture of the incident and the damages caused. TPL insurance applied.

E.  The Lessee shall not to use the car for pulling other vehicle or trailers, and also participate in competitions, teachings, trainings, tests or to transport large or loose goods.

F. The Lessee shall drive the car fully sober and not inebriated with alcohol, drugs, or any such intoxicants.

G. The car can only be used by the Lessee; hence it cannot be used by any other persons/party.

H. The car shall not be used for any illegal actions/transactions.

Responsibility of the Lessor
THE LESSOR does not take the responsibility for damages, caused by the Lessee or other persons as a result of failure of the rented car.



Damages and Missed Benefits
Damages, caused by THE LESSEE as a consequence of an illegal use of the car (taking alcohol, drugs or taking part in a competition, etc.) are totally at LESSEE’s expense.



Damages, caused by THE LESSEE, for which the same does not hand in a written statement by Traffic police, are paid totally by THE LESSEE.

The responsibility concerning damages to third persons, if they are caused through THE LESSEE’s fault, is taken by him and he owes the sum, paid according to the accident insurance “Citizen Responsibility” by the insurance company in the total legal prescription term.

In case of loosing, destroying or steeling a counterfoil, or the number of the car, for a time limit of three days THE LESSEE pays a penalty amounting to the owed rent price of the car.

In case of loosing, destroying or steeling a key, THE LESSEE owes its equal value threefold.

For damages less than P5, 000.00 pesos assessed by our authorize repair shop, the renter must pay for the repair of the said damage portion. Plus the 50% daily rate while the vehicle is in repair plus 20% percent of the total parts replacement.

THAT THE LESSOR held no responsibility in case of accident or any physical damage of the Lessee resulting to death.

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